Jungamals - Kids Vitamins

Jungamals - Kids Vitamins

Primary Benefits
• Protects young bodies with the antioxidants selenium, copper,
and vitamins C & E*
• Supports healthy bones by providing calcium and all other
nutrients necessary for strong, healthy bones*
• Promotes healthy immune function with vitamin C, zinc, and
many more essential nutrients*
• Provides key vitamins and minerals important for young
growing bodies*

Frequently Asked Questions
How does Jungamals® compare to the competition?
Jungamals® far surpasses the competition as the most nutritionally balanced
children’s daily multinutrient supplement. Providing a balanced
and nutritionally optimized vitamin and mineral formula, Jungamals®
emphasizes the most important needs in childhood nutrition: bone
health, growth, immune function, antioxidant protection, and common
vitamin and mineral deficiencies.*

How is Jungamals® flavored and sweetened?

Pharmanex scientists have created an optimized flavoring system that
includes natural flavors and a combination of fructose, sucrose, sorbitol,
and sucralose, providing a minimum amount of total sugars. Sucralose
is a safe sweetener made from natural sugar and is approved by the
FDA for use in children’s products. With a reduced amount of total
sugars, Jungamals® provides a natural tasting flavor that covers the
unpleasant taste of the highly soluble and bioavailable nutrients.

Directions for Use
Children four years and older, chew two (2) tablets daily. Children
two to four years, chew one (1) tablet daily. Store in a cool, dry place.

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